Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who Can Write for Constant Content?

The good news is that anyone aged 18 or over can write for Constant Content.

The bad news is that not everyone will be able to meet the standard of writing required by Constant Content.

Each article submitted to Constant Content is checked by a human editor before being either accepted or rejected.

Before submission, writers should thoroughly proofread their own articles to ensure that they are free of all grammatical errors. Each article should also follow the basic structure of an article. This is:

  • An introductory paragraph at the beginning,
  • The bulk of the article, written in paragraphs and in a logical sequence,
  • A concluding paragraph, which sums up the information or arguments contained in the article.
In addition, articles should be well written and easy to read. Writers should ensure that each sentence is clearly understandable to the reader.

It is true that Constant Content has higher quality standards than most (if not all) other writing websites. However, the financial rewards of writing for Constant Content can also be much higher than those offered by other writing websites.

What is Constant Content?

Constant Content is a website with a dual purpose:

  • Writers can submit original articles that they have written themselves and sell them through the website;
  • Customers, who are looking for original content for their own websites, can browse through thousands of articles and select the one(s) that best meet their needs.

Of course, there is much more to Constant Content than this, but this is a brief summary of Constant Content's services for both writers and customers.